Our Story

Ege Organics is a textile company based in Bremen, Germany that focuses on sourcing sustainable textiles. Being in the industry since 1993, we've taken part in every step of the supply chain.

We've grown cotton, spun yarn, knitted fabric, produced garments, and sold products that came from that very field in our own shop across the globe.
We’ve had an amazing 25 years.
In the second quarter-century, we're going on a new adventure...
We have seen that the small-scale textile operations are significantly increasing.
Aside from our brands and private label projects, we’ll also be supplying all sorts of sustainable textile goods from stock such as fabrics, yarn, accessories with low or no minimums as well as custom products.
With offices on two continents and services in four languages, Ege Organics is here to assist you to build new projects.

The story of the product beings in our organic field. Grown by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), our cotton is free from toxic chemicals that would endanger its surroundings and the farmers’ health. The upcoming processes of spinning, ginning, weaving, knitting, and sewing also take place according to GOTS guidelines.
Sustainability Projects

We are proud to grow cotton organically and ethically. Yet that doesn’t cover all our operations to conserve mother earth.
Our production unit in Izmir, Turkey has solar panels, and these cover up to 40% of our power needs. We have also been planting 1000 trees annually for the last 12 years to increase green areas in our region. Recently we have started a living wage project with our partners from Scandinavia to give the people in the supply chain a little push to enjoy life better.

More is yet to come. Come take part.

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